Interview with Show Your Face

Show Your Face is probably the band I have watched perform live the most the last few years and that is quite a reason for me to feel very intimate doing this interview! So, this is what Huge had to say about the band’s latest release and all the fresh news… And, of course, before starting to read you can press play and listen to “III”…

The band is around for more than ten years. Quite a lot I’d say! Give us the story in short please.

It is obvious that in a ten year long period many things have happened, some good, some bad and it is impossible to describe everything in one short answer. In a few words, we started off in 2007 as a four member band with Achilleas Koutras on the guitars, Vis on the drums, Chris on the bass and Huge on the vocals. We released two albums (Unleash, Apnea), which we promoted with numerous live acts all over Greece and in Italy with a small tour. On the third album we changed our line-up, Huge became our bass player and singer, since Chris left the band and Kostas became our new second guitar bringing fresh ideas and new influences and taking us to the next level, which we couldn’t have done without an additional guitar. Having released our third album we are excited and trying to do as many live shows as possible!

What is the thing that keeps you going, because it is a common secret that being in a band nowadays means more expenses than earnings.

The expenses are too many and it is almost impossible that the earnings will cover for them, so the point is that you love what you do, you love playing music! Your will to play music being the basis, you will find a way to play your music live and release your album as well.  Our greatest reward is to see our music touches other people.

Let’s continue with your third work entitled “III”. Give us some details about the process of recording.

The album has been released both in physical and digital form (itunes, spotify, bandcamp) by our label Straight From the Heart Records. The entire recordings took place at Stelios Koslidis’ Stealth Studios in Thessaloniki and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.

I personally believe that this is your best work up to date. What is the feedback you have been receiving from fans and the press?

We are happy as until today all the feedback is positive as well as the comments we have been receiving from fans in our live performances. This is where the answer I gave above fits perfectly, that there is no bigger payoff for a band from this.

In every record the band evolves its sound and songwriting. In “III” I think that the thrash elements are sparse and the djent/groove ones are boosted up. What do you think?

As I said before one member has left the band and a new one has arrived, so some things have changed for sure. We still compose the songs together as a band, this is what fits us, as every member can bring his own influences to the whole. Groove was always there as a basis for the band and we always like to add new things in our new compositions. We don’t want by no means to become a band that releases the same stuff over and over, just with new sound. Not that this is necessarily blamable, every band will do its own thing, it’s just that we feel free to play however we feel like without feeling compelled to follow a certain path.

Your cooperation with Straight from the Heart Records started with the release of the new album. I think it was the logic step for both, as the label is evolving constantly and SYF is one of the genre’s best bands in Greece. How are things working until today?

Straight From the Heart helped us release the album and give some shows that we always wanted to, such as at the 2nd Heartcore fest together with Caliban in Principal. It is a very active label and it helps all the scene (mainly in Thessaloniki) evolve year in year out. Well, since we are far from the label’s basis, we are forced to make our own arrangements, trying to be as overactive as we can.

Give us some info about the making of the video clip you shot for the song “Proud for Nothing”. Is there any thought for a second video clip in the near future?

The video was shot in various locations and it took us 3-4 days, because it was difficult to find the right place, especially for the part where the band is playing. We finally decided, together with Themis Antoniou who did all the work on the video clip, to shoot it at some old barns in Karditsa. In addition, the footage with Nikoleta Oikonomou was shot at various locations of lake Plastira. We consider this to be the best video for sure we have shot until today and there certainly will be another one (at least) coming up.

You have given many live shows, some of them with well-known bands. Which one is your favorite?

I’ll mention the first one that came in my mind, at Stage Club in Larisa supporting Stamping Ground. Words cannot describe this live. Stamping Ground is relentless and it’s absolutely worth watching the band perform live!

Do you have any plans for summer appearances? Will we be watching you play on the trailer (Svenfest) this year?

Until today we haven’t booked anything for the summer, we have played in Larisa, Athens and Thessaloniki and we are planning our next ones. As for the trailer, we will certainly be there and we’ll see if we are able to play  J – you know that Svenfest is always one hell of a party… haha!

In 2009 you made a mini tour in Italy… Is there any chance that you will reattempt touring abroad?

Going abroad to play some gigs is part of our near future plans, we are currently looking for the best possible way to do that.

I want your opinion for the scene, as you witness it from the band’s point of view. Do you feel that the uptrend will continue in the years to come or will things become stale?

It’s difficult to answer this question with a yes or no. Stale? I think that there are a lot of bands for sure, because it is easier nowadays to create a band and give some live shows. This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is to have the appetite and the endurance to take it to the next level. It is the truth, though, that the bands nowadays, with all the broadcasting accessibility (internet), have so much more ways to thrive – they only have to capitalize this capability the best way possible. 

Karditsa, despite being a small town, has a big number of metal bands. What’s responsible for this – is the water mineral or something, haha?

It’s a fact that there are many bands and this goes back about fifteen years or more…I remember years ago bringing Rotting Christ in Karditsa and all hell breaking loose and later putting together all these bands and things becoming more passionate day by day. There was a lot of determination to get this working – since then some bands disbanded and some others emerged. What we are proud of, for sure, is that we are all friends and having a good time together. Another interesting aspect is all the different styles one can find in the bands. We have from rock to black metal bands and everything in between and this is very rare for a small city.

Do you feel that being based in a small town has slowed things down for SYF? Can you imagine things running faster if you were based in the capital?

No one can know for certain how things would have worked out! We’d like to focus only at the positive aspects of this situation, no one knows what would the psychology, the influences would be there. We don’t know what kind of music we would be inclined to play living at the capital. There would be more opportunities for sure but no one knows what could happen. Good thing is that Greece is a small country and Karditsa right at the middle of it, which means that the distances are smaller either way you move, so it’s a good basis for us!

Thank you for your time! I hope you meet with success at your future steps!

Thank you too!

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