Interview with Nox Formulae

A few months back we presented Nox Formulae’s debut album “The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy”. The time to see them perform live is close at hand, as the band will be appearing in the gig with Bölzer, on April 7th in Trikala. We bring you this ultra interesting conversation with a band which that truly transmutes its existential quest into music…

Nox Formulae seemingly burst out in 2016 out of the blue, but there always is a story behind a band. Which fermentations led to Nox Formulae, as it stands today? When did the material of your debut album begin to take shape?

D.Gh: The idea behind Nox Formulae began to develop after an initiative trip in Northern Europe in 2015 and the channeling with specific outer-dimensional entities / intelligence which began back in 2010. The development of a book related with practical magic (Grimoire) and the approximation of these entities for the cause of initiation was in the making back then, with the idea of a musical manifestation (in the form of ‘’The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy’’) following up. Eventually, the recording preceded the writing of the Grimoire.

You signed straight away with Dark Descent Records, a label with superb bands in its ranks and highly prospective. How did you manage that? Is there a timetable for your future cooperation?

D.Gh: We contacted the three most vigorous labels in the genre. All three have showed great interest and desire to release our album. However, we chose Dark Descent because it was willing to provide immediately and without procrastination exactly what we wanted.
We have already agreed with the label in releasing a full length split together with Grafvitnir from Sweden.  There is a harmonic flow in this collaboration, so I don’t see why it will not be carried on in the future.

Let’s talk about the impressive, in my opinion, “The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy”… Could you shed some light at details such as the locations of the recordings and the people that participated in its making?

D.Gh: The songs (music and lyrics) were put together at the center of Athens, at Piraeus, Chios island and Sweden during Spring and Summer. This period of time was -literary and metaphorically- soaked in blood by our zealotry, being forever sworn to fight the battle for Existential quest, beyond the world as defined by ordinary men, beyond the layers of alternative consciousness and our “beliefs” regarding the Draconian pulse, Luciferianism and Magic.
Composing was an effortless task, with smooth flow and bsolute naturalism, from dynamic, gushing waves of inspiration, without any question. We were never puzzled if a part must be made “this or that way”, we just surrendered ourselves to the Shadow Leaders, who led us on the right path.
When it comes to those that participated in the making of the record, either one or one hundred people are associated with Nox Formulae, it is really of no importance!

I feel the need to learn some details about the album’s wonderful artwork as well…

D.Gh: It was crafted by a good friend and Soror from Sweden. Her work can be found solely in specific books of Magic and Apocryphism and this was the first time she ever offered her work to adorn a music record.
The entity depicted descends from the darker levels of the subconscious and is a dream, vision or initiative practice Guide. Often, when you gaze upon it, it’s like gazing upon a mirror, it is you.

I suppose all the lyrics are part of the following concept: “N.O.X, the darkest aspect of the Draconian /Typhonian Principle which applies to the mystical Black Magical Formula of XONOX”, to use your own words. Is it possible that you give some feedback upon this statement?

D.Gh: As said before, the whole concept is based on a Grimoire which is currently in the process of development and enrichment. This Grimoire is centered on the Shadow Leaders, intellects/entities which reside in hidden layers of consciousness and other dimensions. They are destined to initiate, still this does not mean that they can’t interact with everyday life, to put it simple, we could call them an almighty caste of Demons or Gods.

Your line-up, according to information gathered by the social media, has a strange structure, as the band is comprised of three singers, a guitarist and a drummer. Was there a session bass player during the recordings or did a band member take this task? What is the case with your live appearances?

D.Gh: The guitarist of Wolfsbane 1.1 did all the bass recordings. Νox Formulae appear on stage with two singers, who share the duties of lyrical performing. However, in Trikala we will be appearing only with Monkshood 333 and probably some backing vocals.

Talking about live performances, this specific show with Bölzer in Trikala is eminent. You wrote about this: “The Black Flame returns to the place where it was initially sparked”. What is your bond with Trikala?

D.Gh: We have strong bonds with this place, because Wolfsbane 1.1 resided there between 2001-2005. The association of Magic and musical arrangements, as well as the realization that these two share unbreakable bonds came to life back then. This realization together with the waves of inspiration, as a result of Magic and true Draconian awakening is similar to the Black Flame. Visio Vires Actio!

What are your plans for 2017? Live performances, crafting new material…?

D.Gh: As said before, within the year we will start writing new material for the Full length split with the Swede Luciferianists Grafvitnir, an awesome band of obscure Black Metal! Check them out!

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